"It's Time YOU Discovered The Secrets
Your Partner Will Never Tell YOU... "

Audio Interview (37min. Long)

Sample Audio (Listen)

"It's Time YOU Discovered The Secrets
Your Partner Will Never Tell YOU... "

"YOU Are About To Learn Many Hidden Secrets Your Partner Wouldn't Tell YOU But Would Tell A Complete Stranger..."

"If You Ever Wanted To Know The Secrets Your Partner Keeps From YOU
Then Read Every Word on This Page for the unbelievable truth..."

You may have never thought of the secrets you are about to learn. Many things go undetected in your relationship because you would never suspect or even have a clue that someone thinks the way you are about to discover.

Dear Friend,

You don't have to be left in the dark anymore. Many people suffer from what they don't know about their partner. You would be surprised at the many secrets the person you are with would keep from you. The reason why your partner or people in general would keep a secret from you can be based on many things.

4 Reasons Why Your Partner May Not Tell You Their Secrets:

Reason #1 - They may think it will hurt your feelings. The Problem with this is many partners will avoid making the relationship better because they think you will take the secret to heart and not think of them the same. By doing this the partner denies you the truth on how they really feel and can seek fulfillment elsewhere.

Reason #2 - They may be embarrassed to tell you. This Problem can make it worst because of the time they take to tell you. They may be to shy to tell you about the secret they have about you or themselves. This problem can easily turn into an affair or them taking the easy way out and just leaving you.

Reason #3 - They may feel you should already know. The Problem with this is you may honestly not know. For example, many people have the assumption if your breath always smells bad that you may already know. This may not always be true. Their can be many things that are wrong with you and your partner will not tell you. The problem now is they don't say anything and can lose the attraction to you and move on.

Reason #4 - They would be scared to expose to you what they really thought. Many partners would be scared or fearful of how you would react to the secret they have about you. The result is they keep it away from you and secretly desire having someone that had what they wanted. The problem with this is many partners secretly act on their desires, which creates more secrets they may never tell you.

The Type of Secrets Your Partner May Never Tell You...

The following are the types of secrets your partner may have:

  • Sex Secrets - Men and women have many sex secrets they think and don't share. Some feel it would be to embarrassing to tell you. Others would just leave you and never tell you. Sex is more than a basic necessity for men and women. Sex can be a make it or break it deal for a relationship.
  • Cheating Secrets - Men and women both cheat on each other. Many times they really don't want to do it. However, there is something about you that may be missing and they won't tell you the secret. There are many reasons why they won't tell you with one reason being you may not know how to take it. So instead they keep it a secret and many times will just cheat on you to get their desires met.
  • Money Secrets - Men and women both hide money. This may not be a secret to you. However what they do with the money will be. You will be surprised at what is done with money you don't know about and even how some partners will keep secrets on how they make their money.
  • Attraction Secrets - What is attractive to the opposite sex. You would be surprised at what could attract your partner or the opposite sex in general that you have no clue about. If you don't fully attract your partner, they may never tell you. However they will have an affair with what will.
  • Secret Fears - In general we all have things that we fear. Fear of losing a loved one, fear of divorce, fear of a relationship breakup, fear of a cheating partner or the hundreds of other things you have a fear about. The secret fears that men and women keep from each other can be very damaging. The reason is if you have a fear that affects the relationship, it can make the relationship never work to well.
  • Secret Turn On - There are many things that can turn a person on but they would never tell you. Two reasons why. First, they feel you would think of them different if they told you what really turned them on and you couldn't provide it. Second, they may want you to discover their secret turn-on on your own. When you discover some one's secret turn-on by exploring them, it is more of a turn-on then if they told you what the secrets were.
  • Secret Turn Offs - Just like turn-on, there are turn-offs. If you are a turn-off, chances are the person you are with will not tell you this. The result however could be a few things. You could never spark your partner to initiate sex or intimacy with you. You may have to discover your partner seeks elsewhere to get turned on. You may have to deal with the fact that because you never learned what turns off your partner that a relationship you really want can end.
  • Marriage Secrets - Many married couples have secrets they keep from each other. This is really not a big secret in it self. However, the type of stuff they do behind each others backs can be big secrets. Marriage can be one of the best things in the world. The things that can really kill it are the secrets that people don't tell their partners in marriage.


The Secrets in Your Partners Mind...

  • Do you ever wonder what they really think of you?
  • Do you ever wonder what goes on in their mind when with you sexually?
  • Do you ever wonder what secret(s) your partner will not tell you but tells others?
  • Do you ever wonder if they are cheating on you because of what you don't offer them?
  • Do you ever wonder if it could be you that offers a turn-off because of the secret you don't know?
  • Do you ever wonder if you only knew what your partner really thought, your relationship could be better?
  • Do you ever wonder what your partner is really doing when they are away from you?
  • Do you ever wonder if they told you the truth about their previous relationships.

Even you have secrets you wouldn't tell anyone...

You have or have had secret thoughts, secret encounters and sometimes even secret plans that you wouldn't share with anyone. Do you really think the person you are with doesn't have at least one major secret they wouldn't share with you.

You have to be honest and think just like you, everybody has secret thoughts and secret actions they take. Of course just like you, they would never share these secrets with anybody. There is no difference when it comes to your relationship and the person you are with.

YOU are Controlled by SECRETS...

The truth is our relationships are being secretly controlled by what the other person is not telling us. The secrets your partner keeps from you can greatly affect the relationship in more negative ways than one. Simply stated, your relationship is affected by the secret(s) your partner is not sharing with you.

You Don't Have to be Curious Anymore!
12 Detailed Secrets Your Partner May Hide

Some secrets you will know, but other secrets revealed will shock you. You will be surprised at the kind of secrets your partner can have.

Secret # 1 The average man will not tell a woman if her vagina is too big and loose for him. When men first penetrate the vagina, they want it to have a grip like a tight fitting glove. This of course will bring him more pleasure during intercourse. If you are not a perfect fit for him, he may not share that with you. He would think about your feelings and look to accomplish receiving pleasure another way. The sad part is sometimes the other way is an affair.
Secret # 2 Must women prefer an average size man. Some men have to face the fact that they don't have a large member. This doesn't mean that a woman will not love you with a small member. It just means that if you are a small guy and she can't get the pleasure she needs, she may never tell you this. She will also fantasize about having the right fit and not tell you.
Secret # 3 Men will generally not tell you if you have an odor. This is a very serious offence to another person. However, many partners have a hard time telling their partner about an odor they have. The odor could turn that partner off and they will avoid activity with you rather then tell you. Men and women both are turned on by nice scents. However if not taking care of your own, the worst could happen.
Secret # 4 If a man is bad in bed, a woman generally will not tell him. Many men think they know how to please a women in bed and the truth is, it's just the opposite. Women would only tell their friends this and keep it a secret from the man she is with. For many women, a relationship is not all about sex, so they can love you even if you are not good in bed. However, the desire doesn't go away to be please and this could cause problems down the line.

Secret # 5 He is insecure about his penis size. Men who are average in size or below average can feel like they are not well equipped to please a woman. They secretly desire to be larger. They may never tell you this but act in many ways to reveal their lack of confidence.


Secret # 6 Woman will not tell you if they want to sleep with your friend. Almost no women will tell you this. When asked this question, women that knew their man would never no their response said they may have fantasized about their man's friend(s) and other men while with their partner.


Secret # 7 Men can love you but have strong desires to sleep with other women. Men often think of sex more than women. When asked that question to men, the response was they can love the one they are with but get tired of them sexually. This results in the multiple thoughts of sleeping with other women. Many men act on these thoughts.


Secret # 8 She just went on the date because it was nothing better to do. Many women from the moment they meet you already know what the agenda is for you. Sometimes it's just a meal ticket and/or a date to get away. In any case, they have no interest in you at all and would never tell you.


Secret # 9 He is only being nice to you to sleep with you. Just like women have secret agendas, men have them as well for what they want. He will tell you that you look like you can be related to Halle Berry, Jennifer Lopez or even Janet Jackson and be lying through his teeth. His goal is to flatter you so you can feel good about sleeping with him. This secret is usually revealed when he doesn't return your phone calls in a few months.


Secret # 10 She doesn't think you are attractive, but you provide her with the security she needs. This is a very sad secret that plenty of women share. You can look good and have no value. However they will tell you they think you look fine and basically secure a future with you if you provide the security they need.
Bonus Secret # 11 He spends the money that he makes on other women. This is a sad secret but true. He can feel there is no reward in providing for you or giving you his money. So he will give to women who give him exactly what he wants. Could be selfish, but true. Many men confessed to spending rent and mortgage money on the other women.
Bonus Secret # 12 She makes money on the side sleeping with other men. Women will not tell you this unless they are caught in the act. They know men will spend their last dime on them. There are no shortages of men who will pay the rent for a few hours of satisfaction. Many women are using today's technology and will go as far as place ads on the Internet for men that just need an hour or two of fun. Good clean women are doing this and not telling their partners.


2 More Dirty Little Secrets Below

Free Bonus Secrets #13 and #14 ...


Even when you think nothing is wrong, your partner can be holding the Biggest Secret.

Now You Can Discover the Secrets Your Partner Has
That are Guaranteed to Shock YOU!


Top Secrets That Men Have
But Won't Tell You!


Top Secrets That Women Have But Won't Tell You!

The more secrets you discover about your partner, the better results you will have in your relationship. Some people think knowing to much can hurt you. But the opposite is true. Not knowing enough can hurt you even more.

How I Discovered The Secrets Inside?

I asked hundreds of Men and Women to confide in me and give me their close kept Secrets. In exchange I promised to never give up their identity. As a result, I received the raw truth about the secrets men and women have but will never tell you.

This took years to do because there were so many secrets submitted. The truth is I would have never thought people could have so many secrets. It made it extremely hard to pick the top 200 from each gender.

The Secrets You Will Discover...

400 plus Secrets You Will Discover:

Male Secret # 1 - Many women don't know what makes a man feel really good about himself. When you learn this secret he will love to be with you know matter what.
Female Secret # 1 -Women keep this secret from you and justify cheating on you if you have this problem.
Male Secret # 2 - Most men are afraid to be direct with their women. So they keep this secret to themselves hoping you would figure it out one day. The bad thing is he can be commented to you and not resist another woman that may do it for him.
Female Secret # 12 -Many women do this to the man they are with and will not tell them they are doing it. They feel what you don't know won't hurt you. However, if you did it for them they would not go elsewhere for it.
Male Secret # 12 - Men have hidden spots that turn them on. Many women struggle with even knowing one. This secret will reveal where you can rub him and get him really into you.
Female Secret # 14 -Men fail many times with women in the romance department. This move that she likes will almost every time end with sex. She may keep it a secret until you figure it out.
Male Secret # 12 - Men have hidden spots that turn them on. Many women struggle with even knowing one. This secret will reveal where you can rub him and get him really into you.
Female Secret # 16 -A lot of men make this mistake. She may hint at it but doesn't feel comfortable telling you this secret.
Male Secret # 18 - Men keep a lot of feelings inside so they don't tell you everything. Secret #18 will help you open him up and make him appreciate you more as his woman.
Female Secret # 31 -If you know this secret, it doesn't matter what size penis you have. You just have to know how to do this one secret women don't often tell you to do with your penis, but they love it.
Male Secret # 31 - Many women kill the mood in the bedroom by making this one silly mistake. Don't let this be you, because the end result will be him resenting you or even cheating on you.
Female Secret # 36 -She wants you to do this for her, but may be afraid to tell you. Many women just keep it a secret and will not ask you to do it. However, when you do this it will drive her crazy!
Male Secret # 47- Sex is a big deal for the majority of men. Many women do this and leave their man with the impression that he is no good.
Female Secret # 44 -Women don't always need sex to get off. However, they always enjoy when you do this and will return more than you ask for when you offer them this.
Male Secret # 54- Don't mess up by not knowing this secret. Some women put their man under pressure with this one, causing him to resent that fact the he is with her. This can also cause him to cheat on you.
Female Secret # 50-Most men want more sex from their partner. Follow this secret and it will happen more often than you think.
Male Secret # 60- Men often won't tell you what they need. When ask what was the most important thing a woman can give you, they gave this secret. So many women look for it for themselves, but don't give it to their man the way they need it.
Female Secret # 68 Many women had a life before you. The may keep a lot of it away from you. However, this secret that they keep could have them going back while still with you.
Male Secret # 65- Most women know this secret about men. However fail to put it in action. This secret is a most for you to do when it comes to dealing with your man or else another woman will and possibly take him right from you, if it hasn't happen already.
Female Secret # 98 Women don't share this secret with most men, but if you do it she will not want to give you oral sex as much or even ever.
Male Secret # 77- Even if you are the prettiest girl in the world, men will still cheat on you because of this secret that they will not tell you. They would want you to figure this out on your own.
Female Secret # 134 Many women lie about this and keep this secret from men to keep the peace. Doesn't mean they are right but they do it anyway.
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Ordinary People tell you the Shocking Truth about the Secrets They Have
and what Men and Women don't tell each other...

Audio Interview
(37min. Long)

Sample Audio

Interview with Kristy

You will Learn:

  • Kristy shares what women never tell men.
  • How to use your penis better, rather big or small
    Kristy explains exactly what you can do better to please a woman.
  • How to have more than Intercourse (but talks about outer course). Explains how guys with big penises can Be Horrible in Bed. Women only like small penises if YOU know how to use It.
  • Kristy explains how a guy with a small penis can please a women better than a man with big penis.
    She explain how to use your penis.
  • Explains where the G-spot is and how to hit it and massage it. She even gives the instructions on how to trust.
  • Explains what women really love in guys and how they pick them, which is not what most men think.
  • What to do in public to attract women and what not to do.
  • How and what will make her frustrated in bed with you.
  • What to do to turn her on more and make her have better orgasms.
  • Explains the  fears women have when it comes to sex.
  • How to use her mind so she can be more turned on and have a harder orgasm.
  • What makes her really wet for sex and how you can try this with your partner.

Audio Interview
(17min. Long)

Interview with Michael PhD.

You will Learn:

  • What a guy will never tell a women about the relationship.
  • What makes a man lose respect for you as a woman.
  • The mistakes that many women make
  • What will make a guy cheat on you
  • What many women miss that all men look for that cause cheating.
  • The mistakes that women make in the bedroom that make men look for a woman on the side.
  • Exactly what will make a man feel desired and loved by you.
  • What men will marry and what they will look for in a woman they want to be with forever.

Audio Interview
(30min. Long)


Interview Kat Surth

You Will Learn:

  • What never to do when giving oral to your woman and what can be done for her to feel comfortable with you.
  • How a guy can mess up in the bedroom. What He should listen for to please his woman. Most guys get this wrong.
  • How to get a woman to open up for you and tell you exactly what she wants. Learn this technique and women will tell you anything and everything.
  • What many women will do behind your back if you don’t please them.
  • What will make her stop giving you oral pleasures. She will just make excuses because of what you don't do for her.
  • What Secrets women use to attract men when out in public. Most men don't even have a clue.
  • What Secrets women use to get free things from guys in the club or anywhere in general.
  • She shares what women will not tell you up front.
  • How porn can be bad for your relationship or turn your dream girl off.

Audio Interview
(25min. Long)

Interview with John

You Will Learn:

  • What becomes more Important to a man as he gets older. Many women miss this and lose out because of this.
  • What men think and really don't care about when you talk to them.
  • The worst thing a woman can do in bed that really turns a man off.
  • What would make men cheat on the woman they are with.
  • What will make him resent you as a woman.
  • What a woman can do to enhance sex in the bedroom.

Audio Interview
(28min. Long)

Jezel "Chelsea" Anderson

You Will Learn:

  • Chelsea starts off this Interview by admitting that she messed up in relationship for 6 years because of the secrets women have told her about men.
  • What couples can do to get the secrets they have out and better their relationship.
  • What women find attractive – 2 key things that women wont tell you but they want and love you more when you do it.
  • What most women find the sexiest about a man.
  • What a man should know about loving a woman to orgasm and what is super sexy to a women. She explains how to build trust and let go sexually.
  • What makes a women totally happy with you (Not Sex guys)
  • What makes a guy really bad in bed. She explains how to be great in bed.
  • Explains why a big penis is not the best. They can hurt and be very uncomfortable. Explains what's perfect and how to use it.
  • What makes a man really bad in the bedroom and how you can connect with women in the bedroom. Explains what's wimpy is in the bedroom from a man.
  • She gives the simple questions to ask women to get what you want from most women.

Sample Audio Interview #1
(42min. Long)

String Bean Story
(3min. Long)

Interview With Gregory B

Interview Number One

You Will Learn:

  • Why he would cheat or has cheated on a woman.
  • What's the biggest disrespect women can do to men.
  • The major mistakes woman make when it comes to discussing their ex-boyfriend.
  • What many men do when women make them wait.

Audio Interview
(20min. Long)

Interview with Daisy

You Will Learn:

  • Why women keep secrets from men.
  • The main secrets women keep and what they are afraid of.
  • Why many women are scared to ask you for oral sex.
  • How one secret becomes more secrets and how secrets start in a relationship.
  • Shares what makes a man good in bed.
  • What penis size means in the bedroom.
  • What makes her want to cheat on a man.
  • The biggest turn-offs with men. This is what most women think.
  • Where guys fail the most in the romance department.
  • What most women fantasize about.
  • The average view women have about men and money.

Audio Interview
(17min. Long)

Interview with Jason

You will Learn:

  • Why men keep secrets from women.
  • Why men will tune you out when you try to talk to them.
  • The best way to talk to men and how the can be effective doing it.
  • Exposes men secret spending habits.
  • What all women expect from men that is wrong of them to do so.
  • Reveals how men act behind women back.
  • What makes men lose respect for women.
  • How a man picks a wife and what he looks for.

Audio Interview
(22min. Long)

Interview with Amanda

You will Learn:

  • What key things woman find attractive in men.
  • What's the biggest turn-off for many women.
  • What women look at on a man to figure them out.
  • What can turn many women on in minutes.
  • 22 minutes of secrets revealed.

Audio Interview
(40min. Long)


Interview With Gregory B

Interview Number One

You Will Learn:

  • How important looks are for most men
  • What exactly men look for in a good women
  • Give great principles for dating men and how you can approach.
  • Explains the benefits of a woman calling a guy first.
  • Discusses many of mistakes women make with quality men.
  • How important it is for a woman to be on the same level as her man.

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Dirty Little Secrets Book...

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Inside this book, You will Discover:

      Detailed Instructions
    Bonus Secret # 13 He hates to tell you what to do in the bedroom. Men enjoy women that know exactly what to do in this department. Even though they would hate to know how you became so good. They want you to be good at doing it. In the Book "Dirty Little Secrets" they share how they would prefer you do it in the bedroom.
    Bonus Secret # 14 She doesn't want your penis to hurt her: Many men think that all women want a 12" man organ. The reality is it can be very uncomfortable and give her less pleasure. They do have a preferable size which falls in the line of 6-7 inches in length and 4-5 inches in girth. Pleasure over pain is her preference. They have more of a desire to have a pleasurable experience than a painful one. In the Book "Dirty Little Secrets" they share how they would prefer you use your tool rather big or small.


Inside Dirty Little Secrets Book

You Will Discover 100 Dirty Little Secrets:

Male Dirty Secret # 1 - Inside learn how to kiss him and use your tongue to really turn him on. Many women don't do this little secret and bore the man they are with. You can do this and have him right where you want him.
Male Dirty Secret # 5 - You will learn a secret technique that men love when it comes to oral sex. He may never tell you to do this but when you do, he will love you even the more.
Female Dirty Secret # 8 - Learn a technique that increases her pleasure during sex. You most likely already do the first part, but the second part of this technique most men don't do. Try it and see how much more she will want you to do it.
Male Dirty Secret # 14 - Many women only do one thing at a time in the bedroom. If you do this multi task secret to him, it's bound to make your partner come faster.
Female Dirty Secret # 21 - Hopefully you are not a minute man. If yes, this secret can help you stay longer so she doesn't get frustrated with you. Many men use this secret to save them the embarrassment of being a minute man in bed.
Male Dirty Secret #22 - Men like women on top. However many women are boring and turn a man off because of what they do. This secret will give you an idea of what you can do to heat things up.
Male Dirty Secret # 23 - Yes you can give him a hand massage down there, but don't make the mistake that many women do to frustrate him by not getting it right. Learn this one secret and get what you want, period.
Female Dirty Secret # 26 - Most men bypass the importance of stimulating the clitoris. This secret can give you a technique that she will prefer over a vibrator.
Male Dirty Secret # 28 - Here is a secret that most women never try on a man. There are objects that you can use that will give him great pleasure with the assistance of your hands. If you own a pearl necklace, he will love this secret.
Female Dirty Secret # 29 - Missionary position has to be the oldest in the book. However with a few legs adjustment, you can feel bigger to her and make her orgasm faster. You would be surprised at the amount of men who are well experience but don't do this to please her.
Female Dirty Secret # 31 - Yes, regular sex can please a woman. However using the right motion can get her to go crazy about you. In and out is good, but this one technique almost all women want.
Male Dirty Secret # 35 - Many women give stale oral sex and men hate that. This secret technique will help you not be corny.
Male Dirty Secret # 44 - There are many secrets to apply when giving oral sex to a man. This secret can make the difference to determine if you are good or not. You would rather be good than not.
Male Dirty Secret # 51- The way you move your tongue is important when hanging down below. This dirty little secret will show you how to motion your tongue.
Female Dirty Secret # 92 - Many women will never tell you to do this, but when you do, it can be better than a vibrator.
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Women Have Secrets

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This product contains adult language and content.  
Purchasers of this product should be 21 years or older.  



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